RLSS National Water Safety Management Programme (Level 3)


RLSS National Water Safety Management Programme (Level 3)

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Duration: 2 Days

The NWSMP is built around a modular framework, enabling employers to construct relevant and bespoke water safety training programmes by selecting modules most suited to their operational and individual needs.

The programme starts with Level 1, the Water Safety Awareness Module, which provides the theoretical platform for more advanced modules. Environment Specific Modules cover hazards associated with flood, beach, river and still water as well as basic rescue techniques. The flood module meets DEFRA standards (Module 1 Water Awareness). For anyone requiring more advanced rescue skills, the In-Water Rescue Module covers essential in-water rescue knowledge and tests competency.

Life Support can be bolted on to make a truly comprehensive programme and additional NWSMP modules are being considered to meet the needs of even more employers. The latest edition to the NWSMP family is the Aquatic Personal Protective Equipment (APPE) module, providing in depth guidance on a selection of appropriate APPE and correct use, including commercial life jackets.

The NWSMP is a RLSS UK certificated award. Level 1 includes a self-study pack and a four hour guided learning unit. Each Level 2 and Level 3 Module involves three hours of training. The duration of the course will depend on modules taken but a typical programme, covering Level 1, two Level 2 Modules and Level 3 requires 2 days of training.

This course is ideal for overseas expedition leaders and is certificated by the RLSS.

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