Risk Management on Overseas Programmes (RMOP) Course

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Risk Management on Overseas Programmes (RMOP) Training Course

The two-day Risk Management on Overseas Programmes (RMOP) course is designed to respond to the growing number of requests we are receiving from expedition and mineral/oil exploration companies as well as Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s) who operate in remote overseas environments.
In particular, the RMOP course is appropriate for directors, managers and operational staff who are involved in and have responsibility (and a Duty of Care) for the planning, operating and evaluation of overseas programmes. The course looks at the responsibilities of an organisation and provides an overview of Risk Management systems and procedures that can be used to minimise Risk on overseas projects. The course looks at prevention and also what is likely to happen if you do have an incident.
These courses are intended to assist in ensuring that overseas activities are as safe as possible and that fault based incidents do not occur in the first place. Importantly, these courses also demonstrate proactive steps by client companies in satisfying their Duty of Care and due diligence in the face of Civil/Criminal cases (including Corporate Manslaughter/C-45 Bill proceedings).
Course Content Includes:
Day One
•           Course introduction
•           The legal context inc current safety guidelines
•           Planning considerations
•           Site reconnaissance
•           In-country service providers
•           The Risk Assessment process
•           Practical exercise - Risk Assessment
•           Working with host nations and local agents
•           Operations manual, training, equipment and procedures
Day Two
•           Contingency planning
•           Pre-deployment training for staff and participants
•           Medical equipment and medical issues
•           Safety equipment
•           Incident management
•           Incident investigation
•           Insurance and assistance companies
•           Media management
•           Practical incident management exercise
•           Post programme reports
•           Review processes
•           If it all goes wrong - Coroners Inquests          
Instructors: The course is delivered by a team of experts - each focussing on their particular areas of expertise. All instructors have both practical expertise of delivering safety training and operating in remote areas - whether it be in expedition or prolonged projects overseas - and undertaking safety assessments of, and planning for, overseas field projects.

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