Gap Year and Travel Safety Course

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As globalisation continues, the world get's smaller. And with greater ease of travel and exposure to new environments, undoubtedly, risk increases. Whether a solo traveller with a range of experience, on a fast-paced business trip or heading away on a family holiday, we will all be exposed to risk as we experience new places, new people and new cultures. And now with the added consideration to COVID-19 and future pandemics, how do we travel to ensure that we can be safe, recognise and manage risks, and still return feeling fulfilled?

This course, originally designed for UK-based businesses, will equip you with the necessary skills and tools to create a safe environment whilst travelling from the planning and departure phases through to the return. Spread across 2-days, our highly experienced travel consultants and instructors guide you through the various considerations needed when travelling such as what documentation you may need, how to act when faced with different cultures, what precautions and checks to make when staying in hotels - "Is your hotel safe?" - and crime, safety and the risks of bribery.

In addition, and in light of recent global events, we have developed comprehensive elements that focus on health and hygiene that aim to provide clarity and considerations on much of the well known concerns, illnesses and diseases as well as COVID-19. Our instructors are highly experienced and have operated in countless countries. They have been involved in, and managed, a range of environments for groups, individuals and businesses. And with the contents being developed around this experience and knowledge, we can assure you that this isn't your standard course.

During this engaging course, you'll hear first thank accounts of where things "have gone wrong", how risky environments can be safely managed, and how COVID-19 will shape the future travelling sector learn from some of the industries leading consultants. 

Cost per person: £40 & VAT