ECP Medic Course

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ECP Medic - 2 day course designed for Doctors, Nurses, Expedition Leaders and anyone else interested in furthering their medical knowledge. This course involves using invasive techniques. Pre-requisites such as a current advanced first aid certificate are required for this course.

Subjects include:
·         Pre-Expedition Planning
·         Casualty Prioritisation Techniques
·         Expedition Medical Equipment
·         Primary & Secondary Assessment
·         Altitude Medicine
·         Resuscitation Update
·         Measuring Blood Pressure
·         Airway Management
·         Spinal Immobilisation
·         Defibrillation
·         Communication Equipment
·         Pain Relief Analgesia/Anaesthesia
·         Administration of Medical Gases
·         Wound Management
·         Bones, Joints & Tissue Injuries
·         IV Injections
·         IM & SC Injections
·         Suturing in the Field
·         Legal Issues
·         Travel Medicine

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