ECP Exploration Medicine Course

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Exploration Medicine - 2 day intermediate course designed for group leaders working in remote areas. This course is recognised by all outdoor governing bodies e.g. MLTB, BCU, IRATA, RYA etc. as well as exceeding the recommendations for the HSE recognised Appointed Person in the workplace.

Course is delivered in Shoreham by Sea, BN43.

Subjects include:

·         Course introduction & Administration
·         Aims & Responsibilities of the First Responder
·         Priorities of Treatment
·         Primary & Secondary Assessment
·         Adult Resuscitation
·         Airway Obstruction
·         Scenario
·         Bleeding
·         Shock
·         Basic Remote Fractures
·         Expedition Hygiene
·         Scenario
·         Wilderness Burns
·         Extremes of Temperature
·         Intermediate Remote Fractures
·         Spinal Injuries
·         Altitude Medicine
·         Evacuation Techniques
·         Bites & Stings
·         Tropical Medicine
·         Common Disorders

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