Aquatic Safety Qualification

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The vocational qualification, ASQ, is structured to comply with the requirements of industry and support organisations to meet their statutory obligations. The flexible programme can be tailored to meet specific industry needs.

If you are an expedition leader, or work in or around the water this course will give you the skills you need to perform safely and undertake risk assessments. Via a combination of theoretical and practical sessions this two day course will take you through the following subjects - 

Level 1
Drowning, Generic Open Water Hazards, Legislation, Risk Management, Rescue Principles, Aquatic and Rescue Equipment.

Level 2
The Beach - 

Tides, Waves, Currents, Cliffs, Beach Composition, Weather and Temperature, Man-made Structures, Pollution and Marine Hazards, Human/Occupational and Equipment Hazards, Rescue Techniques, 
Inland Water -
River Hazards, Water flow and force, Stoppers, Cushion Waves and Eddy Currents, Strainers and Entrapment, Riverbank Stability and Riverbed Composition, Estuarial Waters, Inland Still Water, Weather and Temperature, Man-made Structures, Pollution, Human/Occupational and Equipment Hazards, Rescue Techniques

Level 3
Emergency Rescues, Open Water Swimming, Surfing

How long does it take to complete ASQ?

This depends on the selection of levels and modules required. To progress through to Level 3, the candidate must complete Level 1 Aquatic Safety Principles and at least one Level 2 module. The Emergency Response module is the foundation for Level 3 and must be taken in addition to any of the more specific Level 3 modules.

• Level 1 Modules take 4 hrs

• Level 2 Modules take 3 hrs

• Level 3 Emergency Response takes 4 hrs Additional Level 3 modules take 3 hrs each.

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