2-Day CBRN Training Course

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2-day CBRN Training Course

The potential threat from biological and chemical weapons is now greater than that from nuclear weapons. There are approximately 20 countries suspected of either possessing or showing an interest in developing, offensive biological and/or chemical warfare capabilities.

Proliferation is not simply a matter of weapons but of delivery systems as well. These include ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear, biological or chemical weapons. At present, any risk to the UK from the ballistic missiles of nations of concern is some years off. But Non-Government Organisations must be able to operate in regions such as the Middle East where the risks may be more immediate. The actions of Iraq, where Saddam Hussein had used chemical weapons against both his own people and in the war against Iran, have made clear the dangers from the proliferation of biological and chemical weapons. In more recent times, there is significant international concern regarding the security of the CBRN stockpiles believed to be held by the Syrian Government.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) weapons may be used in any future conflict. Prior to deployment to a hostile environment, journalists and aid workers should be trained in the fundamentals of how to survive in a CBRN environment.

This is where we can help.

The Lifesigns Group Hostile Environments training team specialise in training journalists and aid workers in the use of CBRN equipment and CBRN first aid.


  • Introduction To CBR Course
  • Introduction To The Respirator
  • Introduction To Individual Protection Equipment
  • Wearing Individual Protection Equipment
  • Threat Levels/Identifying Alarms & Warnings
  • Decontamination Equipment & Use
  • Introduction To Chemical Agents
  • Identifying Chemical Agents
  • Chemical Safety Rule
  • Delivery Methods
  • Chemical Immediate Action Drills
  • Chemical Decontamination Drills
  • Self Aid For Nerve Agent Poisoning
  • Casualty Bags
  • Practical Scenarios


  • Recap On Day One
  • Introduction To Biological Agents
  • Identifying Biological Agents
  • Biological First Aid
  • Introduction To Radiological Agents
  • Types Of Radiological Agents
  • Nuclear Immediate Action Drills
  • Nuclear Decontamination Drills
  • Nuclear First Aid
  • Changing IPE
  • Minimum Water Requirements in IPE
  • Practical Drills CS Chamber
  • CBR First Aid
  • Practical First Aid Scenarios
  • Course Summary & review

This course is non-residential and delivered in Guildford. Surrey

Course cost = £400 per candidate (exc. VAT)

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